As an expert in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, I am often asked to speak at events, deliver workshops and write relevant articles. As my own corporate background and experience is within creative marketing, many opportunities come from this sector as I am able to offer a highly tailored approach. Equally, my own personal love for cycling allows me to add a new angle to cycling psychology.

Example areas of expertise:

  • Discovering your ‘Best-Self’
  • Developing positive habits
  • Positive Psychology/Wellbeing and Cycling
  • Positive Psychology in Marketing
  • Energising Creativity in the agency environment
  • Journalling for Wellbeing
  • Nourishment for self-care
  • Taking responsibility for your own wellbeing

The above list gives an example of some more recent speaking gig or article themes.

If you are looking for a thought-provoking and energising speaker for your next event, then let’s have a chat to see how my knowledge can bring engagement to your day.

Presenting on the main stage at The Cycle Show 2018

Writing is one of my passions, I love to find creative ways to bring new subjects together and especially enjoy finding connections with positive psychology and life in action. 

Alongside my own blog, I am also asked to write articles for many varied publications, some examples are below: