Outdoor Coaching

The outdoors provides so many benefits; from positive re-framing, greater creativity, looking beyond our own barriers and becoming more attuned to what’s really going on for us.

There’s also the simple hormonal benefits of being in the fresh air and moving our bodies – boosting serotonin to improve your mood and lowering cortisol to reduce stress (to name just two!).

Using the outdoors as an environment for learning, thinking deeply and talking things through can make a huge difference to our decision making and desired outcomes.

Outdoor coaching is currently available in and around Berkshire, Surrey & Hampshire.

walk & talk private coaching
From an individual perspective I usually work with those looking for life coaching to understand what being a “well-being” really means and want to look for strengths and understand their best, authentic self.
Most clients who choose a session outdoors tend to be outdoorsy and/or relatively active themselves so already find benefit from being in nature and can grasp the techniques innately. Many are looking for positive change or to un-stick themselves when needing to make an important decision.
Sessions with me are usually a combination of learning and coaching, we will share theory, examples, situations and experiences and look beyond those to your own thoughts and reflections on such.

Choosing to have a coaching session in a public space will inevitably bring a few challenges – from distractions such as dogs running up to us; to the off-chance of spotting someone you know. Please only book an outdoor session if you are comfortable with knowing this might happen. We will always try to avoid busy areas and of course, should we be in close proximity to others; be mindful of the words being said. We also will agree on meeting how you will want to introduce me should a chance meeting occur. In my experience, this has never been a problem and we have usually found it easy to steer ourselves in an alternative direction when the need arrives.

The weather can play a part in a session, however, we walk in almost all weathers so please dress for the forecast and conditions! Sometimes we’ll use the weather and terrain to assist in our overcoming of cognitive challenges too!

California Country Park – Wokingham, Berkshire.

Frimley Park Lodge, Frimley, Surrey.

Edenbrook Country Park – Fleet, Hampshire.

Horseshoe Lake – Sandhurst, Berkshire.

If you’d like to meet elsewhere, please choose own location and give details when booking. £10 surcharge for own choice locations and must be within 10 miles of GU17.

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