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Positive Psychology Strengths discovery & coaching programme

Our best opportunity to grow is when we focus on our strengths – these are our strengths of character (How we like to BE) and our strengths of skills (What we like to DO).
The sweet spot for your wellbeing and positive performance is finding the combination of both our character strengths and our skill strengths to really energise ourselves.
Strengths-based coaching is extremely fulfilling. You’ll explore yourself, get to know yourself better and realise that you being you, is literally the best combination.
Strengths coaching WILL help you find your best, authentic self. We can then explore how to amplify this best self to find the motivation you need to drive the positive action you desire. I use a combination of positive psychology, narrative & appreciative inquiry and transformational coaching – you can always learn more about my approach here

Programme session outline:

​Session 1 looks at introducing you to the process, the tools we’ll use and discuss how you feel about yourself right now. The idea here is to see where you feel strong and where you feel energised – without the tools. You’ll be given some homework to do and a questionnaire to complete. 

This is all about HOW you like to BE…

Our character is essentially our authentic self. We’ll look at what parts of your character energise you and which part drains you. There are no weaknesses, just draining traits. We’ll explore yours and what this means to you and your life. This is usually a lightbulb session in reminding yourself how awesome it is to be you!

This is about WHAT you like to DO in this world. We’ll do an exercise looking at you at work or when you’re busy. We’ll talk in human language, not business speak and we’ll look at why you might be struggling at work and discover what’s in your performance zone and anxiety zone. 

A bit of warning, this session has led people to change their lives – you need to be prepared for some big realisations here!

Session 4 is the one where you bring ALLLLL the answers. Look at what you’ve learned about yourself an dhow it’s made you feel. What are you going to do next? What changes do you need to give yourself MORE energy MORE often? 

Often clients are ready to (or usually have already started!) make changes at this point, but if you feel you need to explore things further, then I’m here for you! 

Strengths Programme

£ 495
  • Four, 1 hour coaching sessions on Zoom/Teams
  • Access to online tools
  • Additional Session are £95 each
  • Full copies of Personality & professional strengths

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