The Nourishment Formula consists of 6 key areas that lead to greater self-care and wellbeing.
The Nourishment Formula
What is nourishment in this context?
Just like food provides a substance to nourish our bodies, our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs serve the health of our minds. We are all aware of the need for a healthy diet to keep our bodies functioning well, but many of us neglect the nourishment of our minds or are simply unaware as to what we really need as individuals to provide our minds with the ‘nutrients’ for positive wellbeing. 
The Nourishment Formula is a science-backed framework to help individuals discover their own personal wellbeing recipe. The coaching-led approach allows individuals to explore and challenge thoughts, perceptions and behaviours promoting new understandings and growth. This, in turn, can lead to improved wellbeing, greater satisfaction with life and better resilience to everyday challenges. 

Just like in my energy framework, strengths play a huge part in the nourishment of our mind. To discover and understand our core character traits is such an empowering experience and with practice we can learn to exercise them throughout our everyday lives in all different situations bringing energy and engagement to even the most difficult challenges.

Learning to believe that we can grow and develop in every area of our lives is surprising tough. Understanding and practising the power of a growth mindset and when optimism is essential is a key area in finding nourishment in our lives. 
The way we feel about ourselves and the way we talk to ourselves is such a key ingredient to living a good life. If our internal narrative consistency focusses on what we lack, then we will believe we are not worthy. Working hard to re-wire our brains to recognise our value is essential to thrive. A key ingredient here is the ability to recognise vulnerability as a shared human condition and not a weakness. 

Understanding our values and living into them allows us to truly live authentically and not feel guilty saying no to something that doesn’t feel right for you. Our values drive our decision making and eventual behaviour – so it’s important to identify and work hard on knowing exactly what they mean in reality.

Did you know that our brains are actually wired to connect? Social connection is literally essential to life and at times, we all find this difficult, demanding or hard to find. Grasping the true meaning of connection for you and how to build, maintain and lean into relationships makes every other element of the formula that much stronger.

The key that binds all happiness together. Do you TRULY know what brings you joy, serenity or satisfaction? Even down to those tiny moments? When we understand that we can actually plan to have a day full of hope, cheerfulness, pride and inspiration then we are able to build resilience, improve our decision making and live into our values and strengths.

How does this work?

The nourishment formula can be delivered as workshops and an online course will follow very soon. 

Within coaching, I use the formula to help those who are in need of a more wellbeing-focussed approach to life. 

From an organisation perspective, the Nourishment Formula is an excellent way to support employees in understanding their needs and building a culture of wellbeing. It can be delivered as a series of workshops, as an online course or through one2one coaching and mentoring. 

How is this different from the Energy Framework?

The nourishment formula is essentially one (large) part of the Energy Framework, which purely focusses on everyday happiness and enjoyment of life. Tapping into the formula regularly will not only become your own ‘wellbeing recipe book’ but also build resilience against those everyday challenges. 

The Energy Framework is a broader structure that collates and cultivates many psychological areas contributing to a meaningful life full of energy, engagement and satisfaction.