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Wellbeing Speaker

Thought-provoking and engaging speaker bringing wellbeing to life for your audiences.

Jeni brings so much energy to a room, it’s hard not to feel motivated and ready to go before she’s even finished talking
Senior Leader, The Open University

Being passionate about a subject is one thing, but being able to communicate it in a way that not only invigorates people but sparks a desire to change is the key! I absolutely love finding ways to present a subject to really capture the attention of the audience – big or small, so if you’re looking for an energising speaker for your event – especially if you’re trying to motivate your audience, then let’s have a chat.

As for my ‘repertoire’ of subjects, I’ve listed a few previous gig titles below, but my knowledge and experience can cover a vast range of topics and these can be adjusted for your needs and objectives:

  • Positive Psychology – the science of human flourishing
  • Wellbeing
  • The outdoors, activity & wellbeing
  • Cycling & the benefits to your brain
  • Strengths based living and working
  • Journalling for wellbeing

    “Amazing talk. ‘Energy’, ‘motivation’ ‘anxiety zone’ three key phrases I took away that summarise so much detail you built on during your presentation.
    Chris Turner, attendee.
Presenting on the main stage at The Cycle Show 2018
Recent Speaking Gig Clients

“Jeni was a fantastic, thought provoking speaker delivering highly engaging content to our audience, who were simply blown away by her virtual presentation in our Power of Projects Takeover series. She made working with her an absolute pleasure and her natural energy shone through in her delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeni.”
Katherine Collins, The Association for Project Management

Here are some previous speaker gig titles:

  • Let’s take goal setting to a different level… (why SMART isn’t always the way, how adding intention to a goal can energise the journey)
  • Emotions – how both positive and negative emotions are important
  • Strengths based living
  • Who am I at my best?
  • How to amplify your best self
  • Why starting with strengths is the key to success… 
  • Why you should organise your teams by energy and not skills
  • Positive Psychology/Wellbeing and Cycling
  • Positive Psychology in Marketing
  • Energising Creativity in the agency environment
  • Journalling for Wellbeing
  • Nourishment for self-care
  • Taking responsibility for your own wellbeing

See me in action...

In light of lockdown, The Association for Project Management took their ‘Power of Projects’ conference online and I was invited to present. Click the link below or the image to see my webinar!

Diversity of energy and motivation: How to help teams be ‘at their best’

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Subject Specialities:

  • Women’s Cycling/Coaching
  • Cycling and mental health
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mental health and the outdoors
  • Wellbeing Coaching
  • A combination of the above!

Wellbeing Writing

Press & Pr, Columnist & Article Writing.

I love to write. Finding creative ways to bring wellbeing theory to life with  examples and a reality people can relate to is important. There’s so much noise out there on how we need to look after ourselves, it’s hard to know which one’s will really work for us. I believe in talking to individuals, so finding audiences of like-minded people and tapping into metaphors and real-life stories to educate and demonstrate your point. 

Whether it be blog posts or magazine articles, if you’re looking for a regular columnist, then let’s see if I can help. 

For employee wellbeing, I can offer articles, leaflets, workshops and training material. Here’s an example of an article for Tap’d HR Solutions

Feeling joy at work – a workplace positive psychology article

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