Jeni Sanderson

Positive Psychology Coach offering coaching outdoors, journalling for wellbeing, strengths discovering programmes and support for employee wellness.

Hey... I'm Jeni.

Welcome to my world of Energising Positive Change!

I'm a qualified Transformational Coach and have an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology

I’m Jeni Sanderson and I’m a recovering marketer and now a Master of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and a qualified Transformational Change Coach.

In a world that frequently focuses on what’s wrong, fixing it only gets us to zero. My passion is to build on what’s strong and amplify it to facilitate positive, lasting and effective change.

I offer coaching and facilitation face-to-face, outdoors and online. Whenever I can, I use the outdoors as a positive environment for transformational change as well as journalling and expressive writing to support your wellbeing journey

Working with me is an empowering combination of learning, reflection, and creative & courageous thinking!

So if you're looking to learn about and improve your wellbeing, discover your best, authentic self or find courage in making decisions, then let's have a chat!

My Approach

Positive Psychology & Coaching Approach

Positive Psychology is the"science of human flourishing". and tackles wellbeing from a strengths-based 'what's right with us?' perspective. Feeling motivated and energised makes positive change not only easier, but encourages better decision making, greater creativity and deeper courageous thinking. Coaching asks questions you may not have considered yourself, it asks you to reflect, gain perspective, learn and develop. This combined approach provides a collaborative, energising journey to greater clarity and wellbeing.

Focus on What's Strong

A strengths approach simply looks to motivate and energise by identifying and activating the parts of us that we do well. By doing this, we help ourselves to run towards change, rather than be afraid of it. We don't ignore our weaknesses, but we look at our strengths as "elements that energise us and elements that drain us" If you we consistently live in our draining areas then positive change is almost impossible. A strengths approach helps us to focus and support our difficult decisions.

Outdoor Coaching and 'Movement'

The outdoors provides so many benefits, from positive re-framing, greater creativity, looking beyond our own barriers and becoming more attuned to what's really going on for us. Plus, there's the simple hormonal benefits of being in the fresh air and moving our bodies - boosting serotonin to improve your mood and lowering cortisol to reduce stress (to name just two!). Using the outdoors as an environment for learning, thinking deeply and socialising can make a huge difference to our decision making and desired outcomes.


One of the greatest ways you can get information from your heart to your head (and vice-versa!) is through your hands. Journaling and expressive writing can provide incredible benefits for wellbeing. Using a combination of daily prompts, weekly check-ins, habit checkers and longer-form expressive writing has been shown to increase confidence, self-belief and efficacy as well as help us to add logic to our emotional experience.

Work With Me

  • Walk & Talk coaching. Using the power of our natural environment to challenge and empower creative & courageous thinking. In-person coaching available in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire.

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  • Embrace a preventative, proactive approach to wellness to see positive effects on productivity, engagement and presenteeism. Individual outdoor coaching, self-study courses, weekly group well-walks (coaching approach) or bespoke journals are often part of the process.

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  • Utilise the 'power of the pen' to engage and process your emotions, create positive habits and improve self-value. Courses and bespoke options available.

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  • Local & Online wellbeing "learn, chat & do" communities. Share your wellbeing journey with like-minded people.

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Kind words about me...

  • Very quickly I felt that Jeni 'got me' and sparked powerful mindset shifts. Personal growth is something I have always pursued, and Jeni's positive approach, focusing on what you're good at, what matters to you, what energises you is very impactful and offered me a new angle to push through barriers. Jeni is very easy and fun to work with, I would recommend her to anyone who want to get out of their own way, perform at their best, and enjoy the journey!

    Elodie Strengths Coaching Client
  • Jeni is my rock and I don’t say that lightly! Having an independent trusted advisor to support me work though understanding myself has been a source of constant amazement. She asks the tough questions, gives me challenges and tasks to help me clarify my thoughts and has become an integral part of my well-being program.

    Lindsey Strengths Coaching client
  • I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jeni since September. She’s a breath of fresh air and has taught me a great deal about the importance of human communication rather than management speak, the power of positive psychology and the role of wellbeing in improving our working environment. Her support through the pandemic has been crucial in helping others adjust to home working. Having a team coach like Jeni can transform the way you work, for the better.

    Nick Corporate Client

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