Jeni Sanderson
Energising Trainer, Speaker & Coach.

Put simply; I create energy to kick-start positive action.

It’s best to get in touch when:
  • Your team need motivating to start a new project or phase
  • You or your team lack that spark of energy
  • You’ve been procrastinating and need to get moving
  • Project ‘you’ is always on the back- burner
  • Your organisation needs an energising speaker or trainer to motivate and inspire to positive action
  • You want to get started but you’re just not sure how to
  • Discovering your best, authentic self will help you find your way….

Let’s not hang about… what do you need?

Kind words about me...

  • I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how much it has changed my internal voice.

    Sophie Workshop Attendee
  • This is brilliant - thank you SO much! I already feel more energised, excited and positive. You ask very good questions, put me at ease and explained things really well. You picked up on the key underlying issues & stumbling blocks quickly & provide a really clear, positive & encouraging way forward.

    Angela Coaching Client
  • "This is only my second session with Jeni and already it's been life-changing. I have a much more positive outlook to life and instead of feeling flighty and anchorless she has helped me find acceptance, grounding and clarity as I head off on a new life path."

    Emma Coaching Client

Need a bit more info?

  • Recovering creative marketer, passionate about positive psychology, cyclist and most importantly; a Mum.

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  • Learn more about how I work - what exactly IS positive psychology, appreciative inquiry & transformational coaching?

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  • Take a look at my energy framework... a simple model to supporting energy and motivation.

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