Hi, I'm Jeni...

We all have that moment in life where you realise there’s a gap between your life as it is and your life as you’d like it to be. 
Mine was just before having my daughter, where the world of marketing just didn’t feel ‘right’ anymore. Having my little girl brought joy to my life, but it also confounded my lack of direction and need for a fulfilling purpose outside of motherhood. This longing and loneliness felt during early motherhood led to a real low period for me that I only found solace from by discovering positive psychology – the science behind human flourishing. The realisation of how I could not only change my own world with this knowledge by combining my own strengths, skills and experience but I could also help others was the absolute lightbulb moment for me. 
An MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and thousands of hours investigating ways to implement this science into credible and digestible support for real-world applications followed and the constantly evolving outcome allows me to help both individuals and teams to increase mental energy to improve wellbeing and be more productive, creative, and effective whilst also being happier in day to day life. 

Happiness is a journey and one we must work hard to remain on and enjoy. If you’re ready to put some effort into your happiness journey, then let’s begin together. 

Are you looking for real positive change?

Being energised increases our motivation, makes us more creative, gives us courage and generally improves our wellbeing. I help find ways to unlock this feeling within you or your team more often. 

After many moons working and breathing marketing, life threw me a curveball – a bout of postnatal depression. In my own sweet, determined way, I found support and a new passion in the discovery of positive psychology and the magic of learning what makes us really flourish in life.

An MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner certificate, Coaching training a lot of research, practice and creating later, I’m putting my life experience and this knowledge to good use having developed a 5-part psychological ‘Energy Framework’ to help put the ‘zing’ back into ‘feeling amazing’.

Professional Bio

Having begun my marketing career in the events industry planning large corporate events and working endless hours, I completed my CIM PostGrad Diploma in Marketing and took a sideways step into a more office-based role.

I then worked client-side leading marketing teams in companies such as Samsung Mobile and Planit Software and then moving agency side working with clients such as Panasonic, Douwe Egberts, Homeserve and Cranfield University.
My experience in marketing sits nicely with my wellness programmes as they all depend on excellent communication.
Jeni Sanderson - offering positive psychology coaching where you're comfortable

Understanding the individual or company and ensuring the programme is uniquely tailored for them. I’m also used to getting into the minds of the individual and developing ‘campaigns’ or programmes to keep their attention and motivate them to action. Put simply, we need to be energised and motivated to act on improving our own wellbeing, so encouraging people to behave in a certain way because they want to is paramount to the success of these programmes.

Personal Bio

First and foremost I am wife to my ‘arty’ husband Mark, Mum to my gorgeous daughter, Maggie and ‘evil’ step-mum to the lovely Ava & Felix.
I rarely sit still and you can usually find me in my spare time on my road bike or racing cyclocross during the winter.
We go on activity holidays rather than beach holidays and we give experiences and time as gifts rather than things.
Being an only child, I am very close to my parents Tom & Jakie who taught me the need for good manners, respect and kindness without losing my individuality and feisty character.  I have a large extended family who I adore and friends who I mainly catch up with on my bike, in the pool or doing something ‘a bit different‘ on a night out.
Those closest to me would probably describe me as funny, brave, kind and creative – all of which I feel is authentically me. It’s taken me many years to discover and be comfortable with the real me and I’d love to help you find and love that in you too. Jeni x