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With an increasing focus on employee wellbeing for organisations who want to see positive effects on productivity and engagement – embracing a preventative, proactive approach to wellness is an essential step. 
Positive Psychology does just that, by focussing on what makes life worth living and how each individual flourishes on a daily basis. In a workplace setting, having a team of energised, engaged and flourishing employees is not only going to improve productivity, creativity and office culture but also have an impact on your bottom line. 
It’s no longer good enough to simply provide wellbeing ‘benefits’; organisations need to support the education of employees in wellness to ensure they not only thrive in the workplace but in all aspects of their lives. 

How I work with organisations...

energised business


Tailored consultancy to help you build and implement the RIGHT wellbeing strategy for your organisation.



Giving individuals & groups the time and energy they need to discover and explore new understandings in order to grow. 



 Learning and development with wellbeing in mind for your teams.

Organisations are simply made up of many individuals brought together for a common purpose. Their needs as individuals don’t change, but they are driven by a company culture and limited to the organisation’s resources. I can help organisations to support their team members to flourish through a combination of coaching (both for individual and groups) team workshops and organisation consultancy on areas such as values and culture. 
Positive Psychology style programmes offer an organisation a huge return on investment by focussing on prevention rather than cure. The aim is to educate, support and facilitate the self-discovery of thoughts, behaviours and actions that lead to greater resilience and ultimately allow the individual (and therefore the organisation) to flourish. 

Ready to energise your team?

Why wellbeing matters...

Developing a proactive approach to wellbeing within your organisation and building a culture of wellness can positively and significantly impact a number of factors:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve presenteeism
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Improve productivity and creativity
  • Increase morale and retention
Take the next step...

If workplace wellbeing is on your agenda and you’re looking for a proactive, engaged approach then let’s have a chat to see how I can support your objectives.

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