Become an 'Authentic Coach'

During the process of training to become a coach, there’ll be many moments where you think “Who am I as a coach?” or “Who’s my market? & What’s my niche’?
Many coaches spend a lot of time working out what their style is and how it sits within the teaching of the coaching they’ve been given. So if any of these sound like you, then it’s definitely worth reading on:
  • “I wanted to say something during this session, but didn’t feel it’s ‘pure coaching’ – so I didn’t follow my instinct”
  • “I feel I have other skills to offer or ways to work with a client, but I don’t quite know how they sit with coaching and how to integrate them”
  • “Whilst I was training, I experienced being coached, but feel the way I naturally coach is nothing like that – so am I doing it wrong?” 
  • “The approach I’m taking at the moment doesn’t really feel too natural and makes me a little uncomfortable”
Firstly, it’s ok to feel any of these things, finding your way is part of the fun in becoming a coach. 

What does it mean to be an ‘Authentic Coach’?

Put simply, being authentic means you are living and working from a place of energy. You are thinking, behaving and feeling in a way that is positive to you. Equally, this is reflected in how you are with your clients and what is likely to draw them to you as a coach. Our clients are more likely to choose you by the way you act and behave, rather than the ’type’ of coach you are or what you say you can do for them. As we all know, rapport is the key to a successful coaching relationship.

The 'Authentic Coach' Programme

As a positive psychology coach, I focus on kick-starting energy & motivation and with The Authentic Coach Programme, we’ll explore what truly makes you, YOU.
I use a combination of tools to help you unlock what it is about you that really energises you and how you can tap into that to become an authentic coach and support your clients in a way that not only benefits them, but it feels energising to you.
The ‘Authentic Coach’ programme content includes:
  • How you like to ‘be’ in this world – using online collaborative tools and narrative based strengths conversations, we’ll explore your character and what to looks like to be your best-self.
  • What you like to ‘do’ in this world – using human terminology we explore what parts of your work bring you energy and how your experience has shaped your desires. 
  • Your values, purpose and legacy. What does all of the above drive you to want to achieve. 
  • How can you pull this into your coaching and why do you want clients to choose you?
  • Oh wow, we can then put some action points together to keep your energy moving in the right direction. 
The lovely part about doing this programme is you’ll also gain some valuable tools to use with your own clients too.

The Authentic Coach Programme

£ 495
  • 5 One2One Coach/Mentor Sessions