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Whether you’re an individual looking to energise positive change, build positive habits or simply learn how to take charge of your own happiness; or an organisation striving for positive cultural change, I am here to facilitate and enable those changes. 

With an increasing focus on employee wellbeing for organisations who want to see positive effects on productivity and engagement – embracing a preventative, proactive approach to wellness is an essential step.

Training & Workshops | Wellness Programmes | One2One | Inductions | Consultancy | Success Journalling

If you’ve been reading self-help books, been on a few ‘improve your life’ workshops or consistently been looking for ways to improve your life without taking any real action – then coaching is for you. Powerful conversations, deep questions and a little bit of guided learning to inspire self-discovery and energise positive change. 

Find clarity and purpose | Discover your ‘positive core’ | Dispute your inner voice | Find your own wellbeing recipe

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Workshops & Training - Coming soon!

I regularly run open workshops on all things positive psychology and wellbeing. From evening ‘Journalling for Wellbeing” workshops to Full day “Positive Psychology for HR Professionals” training. I will be updating my calendar of events shortly for you to plan your next step!

Nourish your mind to energise your day | Make friends with self-compassion | Using character strengths to have a significant positive impact on your life | Energise your goal setting | Creating positive transitions

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Kind words from clients...

"My head is still buzzing full of ideas and confidence. Now to turn this into a positive habit!"
"Your workshop has inspired me to be more positive on a regular basis and I now understand that I need to try hard (train myself) to do this!"
"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how much it has changed my internal voice."