• "No one talks to us more than we talk to ourself. So it is with Jeni’s approach, support and impressive clarity that helps transform our inner voice into an encouraging, rational, positive champion."

    Barry Creative Director
  • Jeni brings so much energy to a room, it’s hard not to feel motivated and ready to go before she’s even finished talking

    Nick Senior Leader - The Open University
  • "This is brilliant - thank you SO much! I already feel more energised, excited and positive. You ask very good questions, put me at ease and explained things really well. You picked up on the key underlying issues & stumbling blocks quickly & provide a really clear, positive & encouraging way forward."

    Angela Lifestyle Blogger and Small Business Owner
  • “Jeni gave our team the ability to really discover who they were at their best - both individually and as a team. By truly understanding each other, they are now able to recognise when each person needs a boost and also know who is best to tackle a problem or find alternative solutions by tapping into their strengths. There’s always someone who knows what do to to bring energy back to the room - it’s been a revelation in our team performance.”

    David Agile Team Leader, Tech Start-up
  • "Very quickly I felt that Jeni 'got me' and sparked powerful mindset shifts. Personal growth is something I have always pursued, and Jeni's positive approach, focusing on what you're good at, what matters to you, what energises you is very impactful and offered me a new angle to push through barriers. Jeni is very easy and fun to work with, I would recommend her to anyone who want to get out of their own way, perform at their best, and enjoy the journey!"

    Elodie Professional Photographer
  • "Once the session was over I felt the most positive about the near and far future than I have for quite a while."

    Anon. Year 3 University Student
  • "I found working with Jeni and her energy framework really powerful. Jeni is skilled at combining different elements of her practice to encourage reflection and enable changes in personal perception and thinking. After just a few sessions, I became more positive, energised and motivated for change and gained greater clarity about how to move forward. The sessions with Jeni were really enjoyable too!"

    Claire Senior Leader, Utilities
  • "This is only my second session with Jeni and already it's been life-changing. I have a much more positive outlook to life and instead of feeling flighty and anchor-less she has helped me find acceptance, grounding and clarity as I head off on a new life path."

    Emma Former Solicitor, turned Travel Blogger
  • “Jeni helped me get out of my own way and helped me find the energy to get started. Once I started, the rest came easily - it was just getting over that hump at the ‘beginning’”

    Jane Coaching Client