Journaling for wellbeing – 8 week e-course

This 8-week online course is delivered via live video on Facebook alongside group support. It will give you insight into using Positive Psychology to support your well-being through journaling. We’ll cover Self-compassion, Gratitude, Interest, Positive emotions and Goals & Intention, with a combination of daily habit generating exercises and expressive writing.

This course is run 3 times a year, starting in the THIRD week of January and then the FIRST weeks of May & September. When you buy this product, you will be automatically added to the next available course start date.

Only £147.00

The best way to get information from your heart to your head is through your hands – the act of writing is a special way to share knowledge within yourself. This is just one reason why journaling is such a powerful way to support your wellbeing.

During this online course, we will explore how you can use a journal to support your mental health using a combination of expressive writing and structured exercises to plan and track habits, productivity and goals. Infused with the science of Positive Psychology, we look at how using your journal regularly can help you to change your inner dialogue, challenge and develop positive habits and identify your own positive core.

This course is run 3 times a year, starting in the THIRD week of January and then the FIRST weeks of May & September. When you buy this product, you will be automatically added to the next available course start date.

This 8-week course includes:
  • 8 x live in-depth lessons with accompanying guide – recorded for those who cannot make the live times.
  • 1 Q&A session for each weekly topic.
  • 12 weeks connection & support in the private Facebook group
  • Exclusive insight into my own journaling practice
  • Accountability points to keep you on track
  • Access to ‘graduate’ group upon completion of your 12 weeks

What we’ll cover:

Week 1 – Introduction and How to structure your journal
Week 2 – Positive Psychology and why it is so important to wellbeing
Week 3 – Goals & Intention
Week 4 – Self-Compassion
Week 5 – Positive Emotions
Week 6 – Interest
Week 7 – Gratitude & Savouring
Week 8 – Review & Reflection
(Weeks 9 -12 – Continued group Q&A’s and support – No Live workshops)

*Please note, we may do weeks 3-7 in a slightly different order.

The course is delivered in a social environment within a private Facebook group. This is deliberate as science tells us that social connection is not only essential to wellbeing but it also helps to keep us accountable. You’ll share a Facebook group just with your intake of course participants for the duration of the course, after which you’ll probably want to keep supporting each other through your journaling journey. You’ll also be given access to the course ‘graduate’ group at the end of your structured journey to continue learning and take advantage of further social accountability support and new developments as they arrive.
Who this course is for:
Beginners – even if you have never picked up a journal before, or have found the prospect intimidating or you’re not sure where to start this course will take you from the very basics of choosing your materials and structuring your journal to giving you prompts and tools to take your creative journaling in whichever direction feels best for your wellbeing.
Dabblers – if you’re already trying to keep a journal or you’ve tried the bullet method before but never really gotten into a habit with it, then this course will help you develop your practice with your wellbeing in mind. The exercise are designed to engage your interest and be self-reinforcing; encouraging you to keep at it.
Seasoned pro’s – if journaling is already a regular practice in your week, but you’re looking for new ways it can support your mental health, then this course can open new pathways in your mind and stretch your knowledge further. You’ll be able to combine your current routine with new one’s to add even more joy to your experience.
Whatever your wellbeing goal, this course will offer an abundance of technique’s, exercises and ideas for you to explore in searching for your perfect journaling recipe. 

Kind words for Jeni’s ‘journaling for wellbeing’ programmes:

“My head is still buzzing full of ideas and confidence. Now to turn this into a positive habit!”
"Your workshop has inspired me to be more positive on a regular basis and I now understand that I need to try hard (train myself) to do this!”
"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and how much it has changed my internal voice.”

Additional information


What happens when I purchase?

As this course is guided and will start on a specific date, you will be sent through some simple welcome emails with joining instructions, such as a few pre-course exercises and a link to the Facebook group to join. You can then introduce yourself and start getting to know your course-mates. Everything else will be delivered either through the Facebook group or on email.

What will I gain from the course?

The journaling for wellbeing course is designed to reflect the Energy Framework. This is designed to help you build and maintain mental energy and motivation. These are pillars to improving your wellbeing and building resilience to deal with tough times. You will learn a variety of techniques you can implement both in your journal and within your thinking and behaviour to help you feel more positive and happy. You’ll start to develop your own recipe for improving your wellbeing and find elements that really speak to you from the exercises and information shared.
You’ll be guided through lots of journaling ideas and prompts as well as learning about positive psychology and wellbeing techniques, it will hopefully be pretty inspiring and being part of a community within the Facebook group will allow you to share experiences and help to keep you motivated.

Do I have to be artistic?

Not at all, my personal journal is created with a ruler and one highlighter pen, many people who are more arty like to use their skills to create a more beautiful page, but it’s your journal and your space so you can do whatever you want with it 🙂

What if I am not available for the live times?

It’s really no problem, the lives will be recorded and will remain for you to view during the course. There will also be weekly Q&A sessions and you’ll be able to gain support from the group round the clock in addition. This all means you can allow the course to fit in whenever is best for you.

How time intensive will it be?

You can spend as much time as you like on your journaling practice, I’d hope you\'d spend a couple of hours each week to undertake the weekly exercise and explore what works for you. The exercises I offer you should be self-reinforcing, meaning by doing them, you will gain something from them and therefore want to do more, so you may find you become more and more attached to your journal as your course continues.

I’m not in the UK, can I still join?

Absolutely, the course fee is in GBP but you can access the course from anywhere in the world.

What do I need?

Of course, you’ll need a journal! You can visit your local retailer and buy one or you can buy a starter pack within your course fee (UK only) to cover your needs. Essentially, it’s best to pick up:
* A dot-grid journal (preferably with page numbers). My favourite is a Leuchtturm1917 journal.
* A pen you enjoy writing with. I like a Herbin ink rollerball or a Uniball UB-157 rollerball.
* A ruler, I have a foldable one.
* If you want to add colour, I’d recommend some dual brush pens like Tombows.
Everything else, you can add as you find inspiration!

In addition, you’ll need access to a computer, Facebook and the internet.

I have another question that’s not listed here…

That’s ok, drop me a message on Facebook and we can chat through any queries you have.


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