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With an increasing focus on employee wellbeing for organisations who want to see positive effects on productivity and engagement – embracing a preventative, proactive approach to wellness is an essential step. 
Positive Psychology does just that, by focussing on what makes life worth living and how each individual flourishes on a daily basis. In a workplace setting, having a team of energised, engaged and flourishing employees is not only going to improve productivity, creativity and office culture but also have an impact on your bottom line. 
From experience, working with individuals and teams who are intrinsically motivated to support their own wellbeing is a recipe for success. My energy framework is ideally suited to the workplace as it takes a particular interest in supporting people to build and maintain their mental energy levels; propelling empowerment in developing the resilience skills to tackle everyday challenges and be in control of their own wellness.
It’s no longer good enough to simply provide wellbeing ‘benefits’; organisations need to support the education of employees in wellness to ensure they not only thrive in the workplace but in all aspects of their lives. 

How I support organisations

energised business

"The Energised Business"

A full wellness programme delivered as on-going support. Combining all elements AND access to positive coaching.


The Energy Induction

A supplement to your employee induction programme to introduce them to the concepts of the energy framework and how to integrate the principles into their everyday working lives.

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Wellness Consultancy

An assessment and advice service to identify areas within your business that would benefit from a more wellbeing-central approach – such as transitions, inductions, appraisals etc.



Recent workshops have included: Energise your goals, Motivate your mindset, Bravery and embracing vulnerability for leaders, Creating positive transitions, Understanding nourishment for teams and Making friends with self-compassion for the workplace

positive response

360degree +ve Response

An employee appraisal programme to focus on the positive core and strengths of every team member and how to use this to maintain individual and team motivation towards success.

success journaling

Success Journalling

A compelling tool to empower individuals by recognising small wins and steps forward, no matter how seemingly insignificant. (In conjunction with Impact4Success)

Ready to energise your team?

Why wellbeing matters...

Developing a proactive approach to wellbeing within your organisation and building a culture of wellness can positively and significantly impact a number of factors:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Improve productivity and creativity
  • Increase morale and retention
Take the next step...

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