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I coach people who want to

As a coach, I simply facilitate positive change by asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging engaging conversations.

Why do I need powerful conversations?

Sometimes, we don’t really know why we’re feeling flat, frustrated or simply just trudging the daily routine. Coaching offers deep conversations and insight that can help you to discover how to use the best inside of you to get what you really want in life.

What is your focus as a coach?

As a Positive Psychology coach, I work with people who want to discover and nourish their authentic self and learn how to apply it to their lives to live into their strengths to be their best selves.

My energy framework drives the majority of my work and allows me to use an array of coaching and psychological models and tools to uncover your identity, thoughts, beliefs and patterns to help you understand your true authentic self and identify options for moving forward.

As my coach, what do you aim to achieve?

Quite simply, I want to empower and energise you to take action towards transforming your life through positive change.

Why do I need a coach to help me?

Coaching supports you in the following 4 ways:


You already have the answers, I’m just here to help you discover them and find the right way to take action. 


I can give you the power to look at things differently and find new perspectives and ways of making a difference.


If you’re holding yourself back, I’ll help you keep track of your success.


Why wait? Do you want it now or sometime in the future? Life is too short, have it now. 

Here are some very ‘authentic’ pictures of me at my best:

jeni presenting cycle show

If you're ready to....

  • Be kinder to yourself and learn to dispute your inner voice
  • Learn the ingredients to positive wellbeing and develop your own wellbeing recipe for happiness
  • Gain clarity in what you actually want from your life
  • Discover your 'positive core' and find what makes you perform at your best
  • Explore your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour and find ways to trust yourself more
  • Work with a coach whose top strengths include honesty, bravery and kindness - I'll say it how it is and be there to keep you motivated.

Then let's have a chat...

To begin your journey book yourself in for a free chemistry chat. This is a 15-30 minute chat to give you a nice introduction to me and my coaching methods and allows me to briefly explore your goals for working with me. 

I’ll explain your options and if it seems we’re a good fit then when you’re ready to press go, we can arrange a start date!

Now taking bookings

Challenge - £110
Individual sessions. Support when you need it.
Change - £600
Package of 6 sessions. When you're ready to commit.
Transform - £1220
A four month package for breakthrough transformation.