If your employees could be at their best more often, how much better would your business be?

Energise your team to greater engagement & wellbeing...

‘Best-Self at Work’ is a simple programme steeped in the science of positive psychology aimed at helping your individual employees to discover and build on what’s strong and amplify it to facilitate positive, lasting and effective change in their wellbeing, productivity and engagement at work.

Easy and effective to integrate, this programme introduces your organisation and employees to a more preventative approach to wellbeing and encourages employees to learn how to take responsibility for improving their own wellbeing. 

The proactive approach to wellbeing...

Whereas most organisations are focussed on reactive measures of wellbeing, where the intervention points are pinned AFTER detection of issues, the Best-Self at Work programme helps you to encourage employees to take responsibility for building a personal toolkit of resilience and enable them to understand their wellbeing needs more clearly – before the need for reactive intervention. Therefore, a preventative approach provides a more cost-effective and engagement friendly route to employee mental health.

Ignite engagement now!

The ‘Best-Self at Work’ programme is available from £4125+VAT for up to 20 employees (not including monthly coaching days) 

For more information please click to download the PDF brochure or if you have further questions, please contact me.